Welcome to the jungle of our minds.

When you have an idea, you can hold it close.  Wrap it up in brown paper, and save it to pull out on special occasions.  Show it off like a baseball trophy.  “This is my one great idea I once had,” you could tell people.

But when you are us?  That’s not really an option.  Ideas are more like a hurricane, flooding our basement and forcing us into action, until we have the leak half-patched and most of the water mopped up, just to make it look nice.  And then the next storm comes along, and needs attention.  Half baked schemes come to semi-fruition, and then languish, abandoned, discarded.

We are the implementers of bad ideas, the half-mad scientists, the tinkerers.  We enact our projects because we must, lest the pressure fill us to bursting.  We leave a trail not of destruction, but of creation.

What on earth are we up to today?