The Faces behind the Madness

The devil himself cowers from the sheer Bad Idea generating power lurking behind those eyes.  Bite your tongue, mere mortals, lest your idle fancy take root in the mire of her mind and feed upon the madness, growing to a towering topiary of toil, until at last it topples when her eye is caught by the bright gleam of some new and greater scheme.   A master juggler of careers and a veritable wellspring of inspirations, no idea is too outlandish, no obstacle too high, no inexperience too great, to stop her from diving headfirst into a project.

Far from playing with a full deck, she keeps in her hand only the Jack of all Trades and the Jester.  Hobbies too numerous to count, most lasting a week or less before she moves on to the next, only to be picked up again when the whim strikes.  Defying definition, her only constant is the inescapable whirlwind of activity.  Don’t let the sweet smile fool you; she is the master of Bad Ideas.  Don’t listen to anything she may tell you.


An innocent bystander?  A victim?  Nay, an instigator!  The engineering genius behind so many projects.  He’ll build it.  He’ll wire it.  He’ll make it go.  And he may even have a Bad Idea or two of his own up his sleeve.



Have a terrible idea? A project gone awry? Want it featured on this here blog? Email it to me and I’ll put it up!

  1. Cthulhu fhtagn!

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