And… we’re back!

Interviewer Jim:  Welcome back! With me today we have T-Spazz of the Bad Idea Newsletter, to explain her relative silence for the past two months. Welcome, T-Spazz!


T-Spazz: Thanks, Jim, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Jim: So T… Can I call you T?

T-Spazz: Sure thing, Jimbo.

Jim: OK. So nearly two months have passed, and you haven’t posted anything on the Bad Idea Newsletter blog. Does that mean you haven’t had any bad ideas in nearly two months?

T-Spazz: Oh, heavens no, Jimbo-lina. For me, a day without a bad idea is like a day without sunshine. Not only would that suck a lot, but it would also mean that the world ended. And now that I think about it, that would suck, too.

Jim: OK… so what *have* you been up to?

T-Spazz: Well, Jimbo-licious, a lot of things. I’d say the highlights have been playing a kick-ass show in Albany with my band, drawing some badass horses for my carousel, and carving my first bird out of butternut wood.

Jim: Sounds like quite a productive two months!

T-Spazz: Oh yes. I’ve been quite busy.

Jim: So does this mean an end to the ridiculous, half-executed bad ideas that plagued the fall?

T-Spazz: Not at all, J-Blow. I’d say the low-lights of the past two months include making a dress that didn’t fit at all, knitting a sweater that was too small, followed by completely ripping it out, re-writing the pattern and starting again, and spending the entire first week of the New Year sleeping for 16 hours a day.

Jim: Well that sounds more like the T-Spazz we all know and love! *laughs*

T-Spazz: It sure does, Jim-Bop-a-Wow-Wow, it sure does.

Jim: Well thanks so much for dropping in to share your exploits of the past few months with us! We hope to hear from you more regularly in the coming months.

T-Spazz: Abso-friggin’-lutely, Ja-Na-Na-Na.

Jim: T-Spazz, everyone!


Be nice to me, or you might end up with this in your bed.

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  1. As a footnote to this lovely post, wordpress helpfully suggested “relative silence,” “spazz,” and “abso” as tags. I think I’m going to start the “abso” tag for when things are so freakin’ awesome that there just isn’t a Scrabble-approved word for it. That is so /abso/. Who’s with me?

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