Brain spasm

I see a facebook post with crocheted pokemon dolls.

Random neurons fire.

I suddenly have the NEED to make crochet amigurumi of the bubble bobble dinosaurs.  NEEEEEED.

T-Spazz will be providing me with yarn from her massive stockpile that she never should have told me about.  Yarn is my drug.  I feel like Scrooge McDuck, if he was a kitten and had a silo full of yarn instead of coins.

I have every size crochet hook somewhere buried in my craftastrophe upstairs.

This could totally happen.

Now, I have always thought amigurumi were silly and pointless.  But now, suddenly, I cannot live a day longer without enacting a grandiose scheme to make some.

I will figure out what I’m going to do with them later, like if I actually complete the project.

About libosaurus

Some have said that I am a fearsome dinosaur. Others claim I am an excellent cook. I say, they're both right.

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  1. Sooo….did you make Bubble Bobble dolls? Cause, that’s pretty friggin’ awesome. Should get Sera to do some sculptures of those two cuties.

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